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Rosa Mendes is living proof that, in WWE, dreams come true all the time. The feisty latina made her debut in 2008 as a superfan to The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix. After learning at the knee of The Glamazon, Rosa was ready to fly on her own. From valeting various Superstars and Divas, to strutting down the ramp and into the wrestling ring as a full-fledged WWE competitor, Rosa is now a mother, a reality television star, and backstage interviewer on blue brand, SmackDown!Read More
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 Welcome Baby Jordan
And baby makes three! On February 13th of 2016, Rosa Mendes and Bobby Schubenksi welcomed Jordan Elizabeth Schubenski into the world. The couple’s adorable bundle of joy measured 19 inches and weighed in at 6 lbs., 13 oz. Join us and the rest of the WWE Universe in congratulating Rosa and her fiancé, Bobby Schubenski, on this exciting new chapter!
Follow Jordan on Instagram: @realjordanschubenski
 Current Projects
Partnered up with HoodsUp Brand, Rosa Mendes has created her own baby clothing brand, called HoodsUp Kids! With months of planning behind this, Rosa has described the items as really cool and edgy. The baby clothes are made with a special cotton, which is perfect for a child's sensitive skin.
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Joining Ron Deimling's project, A Positive Purpose is a pay it forward brand. Rosa Mendes and Ron designed this line of products with the intent of creating a positive message with the clothing you wear. 10% of each sale will go to Connors’ cure.
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 Previously on Total Divas
S05E014 - C'est La Divas (Part 2)
The Divas' Paris getaway continues, as the divide between the Divas gets bigger; Rosa finally meets her little bundle of joy; Nikki learns the fate of her career with WWE.
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Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Other › Superstars <3 Soccer

With EURO 2016 and Copa America in full swing, we’re reminded that soccer, like WWE, truly has a worldwide fan base. Count WWE and NXT’s Superstars among them, in this mix of studio photo shoots, in-ring appearances, and on-the-field visits throughout Europe and Latin America that celebrate their love for the sport.

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As a WWE Superstar, I’m used to having a busy lifestyle, however, nothing could have prepared me for motherhood. Before Jordan was born, my friends who had children would all say the same thing: “It’s exhausting, but it’s worth it!” I never quite understood what they meant until now. Being a mom is the most tiring, draining and hardest work I’ve ever done, yet it provides me with the most amazing and rewarding experience!

I know every mom feels pulled in a million directions and sometimes I wish I had octopus arms to get everything done! Mother’s Day is a reminder that moms are already Superstars. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be the “perfect” mother and balance everything — have an amazing career, keep the house in pristine condition, cook delicious meals every night — the list goes on and on. I worked so hard to secure my dream job as a WWE Superstar, but motherhood is the most important job I have in the world. Read More

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Gallery: Total Divas › Season 5 › Bonus Clips › Nattie Gives Rosa a Makeover in Paris

The WWE superstars have fun in the City of Lights, but when talk turns to Mandy, the girls get serious. Watch the “Total Divas” deleted scene.


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Gallery: Total Divas › Season 5 › Episode Stills › Episode #14 – C’est La Divas (Part 2)
Gallery: Total Divas › Season 5 › Screen Captures › Episode #14 – C’est La Divas (Part 2)

Rosa and Bobby leave the hotel to go sight seeing, since they are in the city of the love. Bobby asks Rosa where they are going, Rosa saying it’s something in the french with the arc. Bobby asks if it’s Noah’s ark, Rosa laughing. Rosa asks when Bobby and her are going to tie the knot, Rosa saying 6 months from now after today. Rosa asks if they’re going to get married by minister, Bobby saying no. Rosa mentions that she is worried because they don’t agree on anything religious. Rosa says the whole point of marriage is to be married by minister, Bobby saying it’s not, and he rather cut off both of his arms. Rosa says they cannot keep sweeping this under the rug and they need to confront the issue.

Alicia Fox enters Rosa and Bobby’s room. Alicia explains how Natalya was talking about how she did not want to do the photoshoot, Paige joining the room. Alicia tells Rosa and Bobby that she is not happy, and hates when people talk behind her back. Rosa says the drama never ends, saying first the Mandy issue, now this. Rosa mentions this is getting very awkward because of the lack of communication. Alicia and Paige leave the room.

All the girls discuss the problems. Natalya is upset with the lack of the communication, the Bella Twins walking in to ask what everyone wants to do as they all argue. Rosa looking on. Natalya apologizes to Mandy once again, all the girls agreeing to communicate more. Paige mentions she feels much better because the air has been cleared.

The Divas are all out for Alicia’s planned night. Rosa explains that she is so happy, because all the girls are finally going out for dinner. She explains that Bobby flew home and this is exactly what she needs before she stays home for the baby. Alicia thanks everyone for coming out and dedicates tonight to Rosa. Alicia says this was a learning experience for all of them, mentions how strong Rosa is, and the girls have a toast. Rosa says that she loves being a WWE Diva because all of them are like sister. Rosa felt as if all of the girls were starting to lose that but no matter what they go through, they always end up making things work out. All of the girls go to Moulin Rougue after the dinner.

Rosa shows Big Show her ring, showing it off for him. Rosa gives him a hug, saying how she never thought she’d find love. The Big Show says Rosa is a good girl and she deserves it. The Big Show mentions how he’ll see her in twenty years and she will be yelling at him to pick up his things. All the girls are watching Rosa’s last interview with Dolph from behind the camera, Alicia recording with her cellphone. Rosa explains how she is so grateful WWE allowed her to work during her pregnacy, but now she needs to go away to raise her baby. Paige and Alicia are watching in excitement from the side. Paige brings in a cake after Rosa’s final interview, bringing in Bobby. Rosa mentions this is a whirlwind, almost as if she woke up one morning and found the love of her life and is now having a baby. Mandy, Paige, Alicia, Rosa, and Bobby have a toast, Paige mentioning she basically gave Rosa that baby. Paige tells Rosa to enjoy her time at home and eat as much as she can, since she will be back as soon as possible. Rosa, Bobby and the girls laugh as they shove cake in their faces. There is a 2 month time jump in the series.

Rosa is going into labour, back home at Pittsburgh. Rosa explains how she’s laying in bed at 4am and she started feeling a cramping feeling. Bobby mentions the nearest hospital is 4 hours away. Rosa is getting excited, she’s nervous, and she’s happy. She says this is actually happening, and she’s having the baby tonight. Rosa and Bobby back their bags to go the hospital, Rosa asking if they need extra socks. Rosa asks if Bobby is nervous, Bobby replying that he’s excited, Rosa saying she is also.

Baby Jordan has finally been born, after 24 hours of labour and 1 hour of bushing. Bobby’s Mom and Rosa are dressing her up. Rosa explains how the moment Jordan looked up at her with her big brown eyes, and she knew that Rosa was her Mom. Rosa mentions how Jordan is the best thing to happen to her, crying tears of happiness. Rosa wishes her mother was there, tearing up once again.

Jordan is crying, Rosa and Bobby comforting her. Rosa mentions that she has read a bunch of books about what to do once the baby comes home, and is a little bit scared, feeling as if she doesn’t know what she’s doing but she has to know since this is her daughter. Bobby asks if Jordan is feeding alright, noticing that her whenever they tickle her feet she begins to eat. Rosa asks Bobby to check if her mother has texted or called. Rosa mentions that her mother has cut her off after saying Jordan is going to pick her religion, also explaining why the move to Pittsburgh is best for her because of all the family around her. Bobby jokes around about the area, saying how Rosa would have to milk a cow. Rosa says she wouldn’t, and prefers breast feeding.

Rosa, Jordan, and Bobby are out for a drive. Rosa says she loves the area and asking if that lake is frozen, Bobby saying she could go figure skate on it. Rosa mentions that she’s sad because of all the things happening in her life, and her Mom is not here. Bobby mentions that he is trying to forgive her Mom but finds it hard. Rosa says the God she believes in is accepting. Rosa explains the final conversation she had with her mother after being cut off, her mother saying Jordan is going to burn in hell. Bobby is annoyed by that comment and does not want her around Jordan at all, Rosa agreeing.

Rosa calls for Bobby, saying that Jordan’s doing amazing. Bobby asks how she’s doing, Rosa doing good. The two embrace their daughter, Rosa really serious about moving to Pittsburgh. Rosa says all the things going on with her Mom do not matter anymore, Bobby asking if she’d be happier here. Rosa says she’s happy with Bobby’s mom and Jordan. Rosa says that Jordan makes her so much happier, teary eyed. Bobby tells Rosa to take the good out of the situation. Rosa explains that situation taught her a big lesson on only focusing on herself, and her baby. Rosa mentions that Bobby is going to have a huge family that loves her so much. Bobby asks Jordan if she wants to move here, Rosa saying she smiled and laughing. Rosa asks Bobby if can believe out of all the Divas she got pregnant first. When Rosa asks who’s next, the two say Brie, smiling and laughing with Jordan in Rosa’s arms.

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Gallery: Total Divas › Season 5 › Bonus Clips › Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox in Trouble?

Is the WWE stars’ friendship in crisis? Rosa lets loose on her fears in Paris in this “Total Divas” deleted scene.


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Gallery: Total Divas › Season 5 › Episode Stills › Episode #13 – C’est La Divas (Part 1)
Gallery: Total Divas › Season 5 › Screen Captures › Episode #13 – C’est La Divas (Part 1)

The Divas arrive in the Paris airport and board a bus. Paige mentions how she loves the naked statues, Rosa saying she’s never been here before. Mandy also says she has never been in Paris before. Paige wants to go to the eiffel tower, Brie and Nikki saying they cannot go, Paige saying it’s because grandma is coming in a few weeks. The Bella Twins say it was on their grandma’s bucket list, and it will be her birthday. Nikki says she just wants to drink wine and have fun. Alicia mentions she is not going to the tower also, Paige giving her a look. The girls arrive at the Paris hotel, Rosa saying this is so cool. All the girls look around in awe, explore the hotel, and find rooms.

All the girls are eating in the hotel. Nikki mentions she does not want to be stressed this trip. Paige brings in a drink, wearing a red hat from her gift bag. Eva and Mandy discuss their rooming situation, Mandy bringing in all the gift bags. Paige asks why Rosa isn’t in there room, Rosa mentioning that she took her own room because the bathroom is closer to it and she has to pee often. Rosa mentions she isn’t sharing a room with Paige because Alicia Fox is there, and she does not want her baby or her to be stressed because they’re in a foreign country. All the girls cheer as they hit glasses.

Rosa and Natalya are sharing a room. Natalya mentions how Paige is a party girl, and Alicia is not afraid to get a little wild. She enjoys the peace and quiet. Rosa discusses about how she isn’t getting along with Alicia, and if she gets yelled at one more time there’s going to be a pregnant woman on the news murdering someone.

Rosa mentions they look so “American”, Mandy saying it’s because of their hats as they leave the hotel. The girls board the bus, taking selfies in the bus. Paige asks why Paris is the most romantic city, Rosa saying it’s the most romantic and they aren’t with any of our boyfriends. Paige finds it hard how people stick with one person for their entire life, like Nattie and TJ have. Nattie explain that she’s been looking for someone to fill TJ’s shoes but he is her first everything. Rosa mentions that she wishes Bobby was her first everything. Mandy asks Nattie if she has only seen one penis, Nattie saying it’s a very personal question early in the morning and laughing. Rosa cannot believe she is here at they pull up to the tower. Paige has organized for herself Natalya, Mandy, Eva, and Rosa to visit the eiffel tower. She mentions she has a massive surprise for them today at the eiffel tower and is bummed Alicia isn’t there. The Divas take a selfie outside the eiffel tower. Paige says Alicia Fox is going to regret not being there for the rest of her life. Rosa and the girls are now inside the tower, Rosa kicking the rose petals on the floor. Rosa follows the path of rose petals, all the girls in awe as Bobby Scubenski is waiting for her. Rosa runs over towards him and hugs him. The two kiss, Rosa tearing up. Bobby explains how Rosa has changed his life and has made it so better, and asks Rosa to marry him. All the girls cheer as Rosa says yes and takes the ring, also saying it’s a dream come true. Rosa mentions it’s the most romantic and most beautiful thing anybody has ever done for her, crying. Paige says she has to go for media, Rosa saying she cannot go looking like this. Nattie says she has concealer and spit, the girls laughing.

Rosa shows Alicia, Brie, and Nikki her ring as they arrive to get glammed for the media event. Bobby says he was so nervous while proposing, Brie saying Daniel told her the same thing. Nikki hugs Rosa and congratulates her. All the girls pose on the top of the roof with the eiffel tower in the background, before coming back inside for a few questions from Reveal Magazine. Brie does a toast for the future “Mrs. Schubenski” Rosa, Rosa smiling.

All the girls arrive back at the hotel after the media event. Rosa shows Bobby her room, before shutting the doors on the camera.

Paige has organized a dinner for the girls, Bobby coming along with Rosa. Paige and the Divas take pictures of the eiffel tower across from them. The girls and Bobby all get settled in for dinner, discussing who the next pregnant Diva is going to be. Rosa mentions this is the most exciting time of her life. She is engaged to the man of her dreams, having a baby, and couldn’t be anymore excited, screaming in joy. Rosa thanks all of the girls for showing up because back in the day, all of the old divas would never miss a birthday so it means a lot that they all attended. Alicia is still upset and says she cannot believe Rosa is getting married, the table going silent as Alicia looks mad.

Rosa is excited to go to the market and buy stuff, talking to Mandy, Alicia, and Paige. Eva Marie enters and mentions she is going on a bike ride with the Bella Twins. Mandy is upset by this. Alicia leaves the room, Eva complimenting Mandy before she leaves.

Rosa and Bobby are holding hands, looking at the baby clothes on display. Rosa goes in and buys a cute dress for her mini-diva. The girls walk towards the market. Alicia wants to talk to Rosa, the two walking somewhere else, Paige yelling at them to hurry it up. Rosa mentions her heart is in her throat, hoping this is not going to end up in a screaming match. Alicia says what has been bothering her, also feeling bad for Rosa. Rosa explains that she was so angry that Alicia didn’t go to her shower, and that she did not even know what Alicia was going through. Rosa mentions she needs to pay attention to her friends. The two walk over towards the group and announce they’re friends again, Paige giving a group hug, completing the Three Amigas.

Rosa walks into the kitchen while the girls are making maccaroons. She explains that Bobby is feeling under the weather, and she is feeling very “pregnant” today. Rosa tells the girls that dinner is being made in the other room, and asks if they are coming, Nikki saying they already have reservations. Rosa leaves the room.

Mandy, Paige, Alicia, and Rosa are at the dinner table. Rosa asks Alicia if she wants a napkin, keeping the whole thing for herself, Paige laughing. Mandy is feeling left out and asks where everyone is. Rosa looks from a corner, texting. Mandy leaves the table.

Rosa and Alicia walk in as Paige comforts Mandy. Mandy explains how hard it is fitting in. Rosa asks why they didn’t invite her and begins to mention the “Red & Gold” past they had, Mandy agreeing and saying she no longer wants to be a kiss ass and won’t forget this.

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